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We produce and commercialize packaging, such as folding carton and corrugated (flute E and B) board boxes, within the framework of an integrated management System (IMS). Our IMS increase and enhances the quality of products and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, which leads to enhanced client satisfaction.

To achieve our ongoing objectives – which include a continuous improvement of processes, products and environmental management systems – we adhere to the following principles:

Ensure the profitability of the company by offering quality products at competitive prices; and using high technology equipment, qualified employees, reliable suppliers, and an effective management team.

Manage and improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution by:
  • Optimizing our energy consumption
  • Treating the wastewater we generate
  • Reducing our production of hazardous waste
  • Optimizing our consumption of water.
Identify threats and crucial environmental issues regularly in compliance with legal requirements.