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Cajascol provides folding carton and corrugated board packaging solutions that enhance the marketing efforts of many manufacturers of consumer products. Since 2012, Cajascol provides paper cups in poly board for hot and cold beverages.
Board boxes and paper cups are offset printed. We also offer different types of finishes in order to further enhance the packaging of the products. For example, we may add an ultraviolet matte finish, lamination, embossing, metallic, or a gloss varnish to the packaging to increase its impact.

Our folding carton line is ideal for products that need protection. We assess packaging needs depending on the products’ weight, size, amount of fragility, storage and, transportation requirements. This line of packaging is ideal for various structures and finishes of products such as, prepared meals, solid and dry food, personal cleanliness products, pharmaceuticals, detergents, footwear, fast food, glass products, beverages, matches, pyrotechnics, and batteries, among others.

Cajascol offers two types of corrugated board, flute B (153 waves per meter) and flute E (300 waves per meter). This line is ideal for structures that require high protection for storage and transportation such as, home accessories, toys, beverages, manufactured cloth, food, hardware items, electrical appliances, cases for books, and promotional materials.
Our environmentally friendly paper drink ware line provides cups for hot beverages in 4 and 7 ounces, cups for cold beverages in 7 and 16 ounces, and containers in ½ liter and 1 liter for hot and cold beverages. This line, offers customized paper cups which can be personalized with your company information and promotions and are ideal for brand awareness. We offer a 6 color printing service on all of our cup sizes. In addition, we also provide plain paper cups and our own unique generic designs. Paper cups and containers are ideal for water, sodas, coffee, tea, juices, soups, ice cream, etc. In addition, we offer cardboard accessories such as printed and unprinted sleeves, coasters and drink trays.