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In Cajascol, high technology equipment is used in all areas (offset printing, corrugating, and paper cup making) involved in the process in order to produce a unique, functional and innovative packaging and drink ware solutions.

These equipments allow us to offer our customers a variety of packaging alternatives with different types of printing finishes in order to further enhance the packaging of the products. For example, we may add an ultraviolet matte finish, embossing, lamination, or a gloss varnish to the packaging to increase its impact. In addition allow us to offer paper cups and containers for hot and cold beverages.

Additionally, we count with:

  • Cajascol has a design and development team, which defines the type of materials to be used depending on the product’s features and structure. We have structural design software and a digital cutting plotter for both folding carton and corrugated board used for new developments.
  • Using Heidelberg printing equipment and standardized processes allow us to accomplish high quality products.
  • An experience of more than 40 years in the market offering packaging in many sectors, such as glass, liquor, beverages, home appliances, shoe ware, cleaning supplies, etc. makes our company a reliable alternative to provide our clients with the best image for their products.
  • Cajascol works in total synchronicity using raw material from excellent national and international suppliers that are certified in quality control.